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Motorhome life


It’s a wonderful life in a motorhome

We are not motorhome experts. There are some fantastic websites out there where you can get lots of useful technical information from buying and caring for your van to extensive guides on European pitches, complete with GPS co-ordinates.

Here are a few that we enjoy, but there are lots out there. So please, get in touch if you want us to feature your site.

Our Tour: Jason and Julie have been travelling Europe and North Africa with their dog Charlie for five years. Their site covers everything you need to know about long-term motorhome travel, and then some. They even find time to write books while on the road, their latest one Funding Freedom is all about money.

Our Bumble: Jo and Craig and launched their site only a few months ago, but they have been touring Europe since 2014. It is full of useful information, including some great wild camping sites.

Magbaztravels: Barry and Margaret are intrepid travellers who have been moving for 21 years, on bikes as well as motorhomes of various shapes and sizes. Their itinerary includes Australia, Africa, USA as well as Europe, and their website is a rich depositry of the insight they have gained from two decades of travel.

The Grey Gappers: Karen and David have taken a gap year rather later than most people, and are currently on a food tour of Spain, inspired by the great Rick Stein. Karen’s Food Diary is a must read.

Back on the road again: Mr and Mrs BOTRA (Back on the road again!) are the happy owners of a blue camper van, and when they retire early on 24th March, 2017, they will hit the road…again. They have already had one year long tour, and their tips on frugal living are great advice for anyone thinking of long-term travelling.

Out and About Live: The website for MMM – the UK’s best selling motorhome magazine. It provides expert advice on everything from buying a motorhome and accessories to travel features written by their team of experienced motorhomers.

And a special shout out to Wayne and Angie who we first spotted in Nafpaktos, then met in Aginara Beach campsite on the Peloponnese west coast. They have been travelling in their Burstner motorhome Charlie the Chucklebus since last year.

What we offer are our personal reflections on living for a long period in a van, barely bigger than a garden shed, from coping with sickness to cooking Christmas lunch.

We have no technical expertise, when the van breaks down we take it to a garage. We are not great with money, so our budgetary advice is not worth following, and our navigation skills are basic. Very basic.

But we are enthusiastic travellers, and love our classic Hymer B594 with a passion that borders on the obsessive, so we hope you will find our motorhome posts entertaining, if not particularly educational.

One bit of advice we are happy to share however is for those of you who are thinking about getting a campervan, motorhome, RV, what you will.

Hire one for a couple of weeks, to see if you like it. And if you do, then buy one. Classic or new, compact or with slide-outs, coach-built or DIY, it doesn’t matter.

Because whatever the make or model, you will find that motorhome life is wonderful.

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