Let’s Eat


An adventure in food and wine

Everything about food is important to me. Reading about it, buying it, trying new recipes, enjoying old trusted stand-bys, sharing our (tiny) table with others.

So a big part of this journey is getting a taste for the everyday food – and wine – of each of the 28 countries in the EU.

Food is central to how a country sees itself, and how others see it.

Deep fried Mars Bars are a rarity in Scotland, yet our national cuisine is more often than not defined by this monstrous pudding than by our delicious – and healthy – seafood and soft fruits.

I have a small library of cook books to help inspire and inform me, including Elizabeth Luard’s classic European Peasant Cookery.

Cooking on a 3-ring gas stove, with no oven and barely a worktop presents a challenge, but one that I am relishing.

Roasting a turkey for Christmas, or baking one of Nigella’s Clementine Cakes may be beyond me on this journey, but I won’t let restricted space limit my culinary ambitions.

Nigel is looking forward to sampling the best, affordable red wines he can find.

Our cellar may be a six-strong Co-op wine carrier, our main supplier Lidl and our budget tight, but our palate is adventurous.

So as we eat and drink our way round Europe we will share the best – and worst – of our food and drink experiences with you here.

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