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We are not motorhome experts. This is not a blog about motorhomes. But we love our classic Hymer B594, which is just as well because it is our home for the next year.

Hymer is the Mercedes Benz of motorhomes. German precision engineering and quality craftsmanship mean that the vans last for ever. And the genius of the design allows two adults to live quite happily in a space hardly bigger than a garden shed. Actually, at less than 6 metres long and 2.3 metres wide our Hymer is smaller than our eldest son’s man shed.

Our van is 21 years old, but barely shows its age.

We have everything we need. A very comfortable double bed. A sofa and dining table with double benches. Two wardrobes, a bathroom with a shower and a loo.

The wind-out awning transforms the space immediately outside the van into a superb garden room, perfect for alfresco dining.

The kitchen has a gas stove, fridge and a (tiny) freezer, as well as a double sink and enough workspace to cook a three course meal for two without tripping over Nigel.

The fabulous frittata pan from Lakeland means I don’t even need an oven, but more of that later.

The ingenious storage means we can carry our classic set of seven West Wing DVDs, my collection of cook books and Longchamp handbags without any trouble. There is even enough room for Nigel’s iPod and single malts.

We will free camp for much of our time, so we have solar panels for electricity and our Malawian friends have taught us some good habits on conserving water.

We have also got some great tips from seasoned travellers Julie and Jason Buckley. Their blog Our Tour has advice on everything from voting while on the road to free camping in Morocco.

The marvellous Caravan Dan, who lives in a houseboat on the Leeds Liverpool canal, fitted security locks, LED lights to save on electricity, a new leisure battery and generally gave the van a spruce up.

And Adam and Sally at Motorhome Wifi, who toured Europe for a year in 2012, supplied our most essential kit – our MIFI router and wifi booster.

How else am I going to be able to listen to John Humphrys in the morning?

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Caravan Dan is just marvellous
• To stay connected while on the road link up with Motorhome Wifi
• Jason and Julie’s very useful blog Our Tour
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