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OE ABOUT road picThe road is life

When we first planned our journey to every corner of the EU, taking in each of the 28 member states, we assumed the British people would not vote for Brexit.

But they did, so as we set off on our tour we do so with a little sadness in our heart, as well as a lot of excitement.

Over a year we will visit the 28 countries that make up the union, to learn about more about each one.

We will travel, and live, in a classic Hymer motorhome – German engineering at its precise best.

We will eat local produce, explore small towns and global cities, get lost, sometimes deliberately.

We will try and understand what makes 21st century Europe work…or not. And by doing so we will try and understand who we are, as British citizens, as baby boomers, as human beings.

As Mark Twain said: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrowmindedness.” And you can’t have a travel blog without a quote from the punk of travel writing, Jack Keruoac.

“The road is life,” he wrote.

For the next year, the roads of Europe will be our life.

This is us

Susan Dalgety and Nigel Guy married in 1997. In 2008 they took a year out to travel across Europe, southern Africa and to volunteer in President Obama’s campaign. They have financed this trip by cashing in their pensions early and crossing their fingers.

Nigel’s home town is Stoke on Trent, he was educated at Cambridge University and has spent his career exploring how regional economies, and in particular, labour markets, work.

Most recently he was Head of Research and Intelligence for the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership. He is a musical obsessive.

He will drive the Hymer, with Susan navigating. If it breaks down, he will pay someone to fix it. He will write about labour markets, economics, politics and music.

Susan was born in very rural Scotland, sixty years ago. She is the mother of two grown sons, who have given her and Nigel four amazing grandchildren. Her career has spanned community newspapers, politics, mainstream journalism and Malawi.

Cooking is her second favourite pastime, after travelling, and she will write about food and anything else that takes her fancy. Both she and Nigel will miss their grandchildren terribly.

Like Nigel, Susan is a member of the UK Labour Party – for the moment, and both are fervent believers in the power of people to change the world for the better.

They love red wine, Greece and each other.