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Slovenia: A memorial to Giovanni Righetti

We spent yesterday in Storje, a small village in the wine region of Slovenia, an hour’s drive from Ljubljana.

Like the rest of Slovenia, Storje is lovely, and we will write more about it – and the capital city – later.

But during our walk we came across the village cemetery, and a headstone that bore this simple inscription:

Giovanni Righetti

1904 – Dachau

Mr Righetti died in a Nazi death camp, and it is unlikely his body was buried in Storje, but his memorial stands tall there.

Today I wrote a piece about his death, and about the European Union and Brexit.

It is probably too political for this travel site, so it is posted on my personal website where I can sound off about what I like.

You can read it here.

Or if you prefer you can wait to hear about our adventures in Slovenia, and the delights of orange wine.

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  1. So glad you have made it to Slovenia, we spent a month there a few years ago and loved it. We had a memorable evening of increasingly drunken wine tasting so know they make great wine in Slovenia but keep it mostly to themselves.

    1. susandalgety

      We loved Slovenia, only sorry we had so little time there. Beautiful landscape, people very friendly and approachable, food great and the wine excellent. And we discovered orange wine – delicious.

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