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Seven things I have learned about Europe, so far.

We made it from the ferry terminal at Zeebrugge to the port in Trieste, heading to Greece, in just about two weeks.

We passed through most places too quickly to make any profound judgements about the local people, customs, economy or culture.

But that’s not going to stop me trying!

So here are seven things I have definitely learned from the journey so far.

  1. Belgian towns have lots of roundabouts. Too many.
  2. People we spoke to have heard of Nigel Farage. They don’t seem to like him very much. (Statistical note: the small number of EU residents we spoke to may not be representative of the entire population of Europe).
  3. There seems to be little, or no, middle-lane hogging on the motorways of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia or Italy – unlike in our own dear country.
  4. During our last long trip in 2008, I learned that the world continues to turn if you wear the same clothes for two days. Now I know it also carries on pretty well if you don’t have a shower for two or even three days.
  5. Susan is a truly brilliant cook. (Accuracy note: I knew this already!)
  6. Mainland Europe loves roadworks on major roads as much as we do at home – often on a bigger scale and definitely with more cones.
  7. Practically every other vehicle on our ferry to Greece was a motorhome – we are not alone!

And now that we’re in Greece, I have discovered there’s a very different approach to observing the speed limit here – but that’s a whole other blog!

One thing I haven’t learnt though: is there anywhere on the continent where you can get 4G?


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