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Why van life is very hygge

If you’re a fan of lifestyle websites, then you will recognise the term hygge.

This Danish concept is the latest in hipster trends.

According to VisitDenmark hygge, pronounced hooga, means, “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge.”

Van life is very hygge.

Our living space is approximately 14 square metres and that includes our bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, so it is very cosy.

And living in such a small home definitely creates a warm atmosphere.

According to Elle UK the essential elements of hygge include candles, porridge and bikes.

Here are the things that make our van life hygge:

  1. The genius of the Hymer designers, who have managed to create a desirable residence with a sitting room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and great storage – in a van.
  1. My citrine Brabantia bin from John Lewis, which looks beautiful and is very, very useful.
  1. Our three fold-up plastic stools/steps, which we use as footstools, step ladders, side tables. Less than a fiver from any discount store.
  1. Candles. Especially the rose scented one from a very hygge shop in Northern Ireland.
  1. Our wifi booster, mobile router from Motorhome Wifi, and our Three Feel at Home sim cards for our iPhones. Internet access is a human right.
  1. My leopard spotted Marks and Spencer onsie. Don’t laugh. My sister’s parting gift has transformed my van life. I almost cried in Aldi the other day when there were no black velour onsies left in my size.
  1. Microfibre travel towels. They dry you, then dry themselves in minutes. Essential.
  1. A frittata pan from Lakeland which I use as the van’s oven. I could probably roast a chicken in it. Indeed, I may well try.
  1. Red wine. There is nothing more hygge than a glass of (cheap) Bordeaux as you sit down for the evening to watch a box set (currently Veep).
  1. To be continued, I am too hygge to write any more.

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