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11 things we didn’t know about Bruges until today


  1. The Flemish call their beautiful city Brugge, not Bruges.
  1. It has the world’s first beer pipe, two miles of underground piping with enough beer to fill 12,000 bottles an hour.
  1. The Basilica of the Holy Blood houses a phial containing cloth soaked in the blood of Christ. We saw it.
  1. It has more cobbled streets than Edinburgh. Scores more. We have the sore feet to prove it.
  1. The McDonalds in the city centre is the most sophisticated fast food joint we have ever eaten in. Or are likely too.
  1. It has a network of canals to rival Venice…well, not quite, but they are very pretty.
  1. Its council HQ is even more ornate than Glasgow City Chambers.
  1. It probably boasts the most expensive charity shop in Europe – 79 euros for a pair of bloke’s shoes, seriously?
  1. It has a marzipan shop. And one dedicated to chocolate for ladies.
  1. The Church of Our Lady has the biggest brick tower (spire) in the Low Countries, built in the 13th century, it is astonishing.
  1. It is one of Europe’s top city break destinations. If you have never been, you must go. The city is stunning. Check out the Lonely Planet guide here.




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